1. 1. One thing I’m reading – this book by Janet Evanovich. If you haven’t read the Stephanie Plum series you have got to start! They are so freakin funny, these are the only books that have made me actually lough out loud while reading them. Heads up, the first two are kind of dark, but they start getting funny around the third one.
  2. One thing I’m eating – we had fajitas for Christmas and now I make sure there’s always meat marinating in the fridge so we can make them weekly! It’s Jared’s mom’s recipe, but the super simple marinade is equal parts Italian dressing and A1 steak sauce. We’ve done both chicken and steak and they’re delicious!
  3. One thing I’m eyeing – these moccasin slippers from Target. My feet have been freezing at home and I’m wanting some fuzzy slippers to keep them warm!
  4. One thing I’m wearing – these leggings from Aerie, obviously. They won’t be on clearance much longer so grab a pair (or three) before they’re gone!
  5. One thing I’m looking forward to – I’m taking the girls to Disney World next month with my family! Reagan has been to Disneyland twice, but now that she knows some of the characters I am so excited to see the magic in her eyes again. And I have a little Minnie Mouse outfit for Elliott so I’m super excited to dress her up in that!
  6. One thing I’m watching – Jared and I are watching Suits together, and I’ve been rewatching the Gilmore Girls Year in the Life mini series on Netflix.
  7. One thing I’m proud of – I finished DIYing Reagan’s dresser and bed and even though it was just a new paint job, I’m super happy with how they turned out. I’m basically the laziest DIYer ever, so I was proud that I finished both of these so quickly!
  8. One thing that has made me happy – I’ve finally got the girls on a pretty regular coordinated nap schedule. Most days I have at least an hour to myself while they both sleep. This has been a long time coming and I’m loving the alone time!
  9. One thing I’m worried about – health insurance. We had to find new plans for everyone this year and it stresses me out trying to find a plan that will work for all of our needs.
  10. One healthy thing I’m doing – I started this postpartum workout guide by McCall Williams again and this time it’s sticking! I’ve started it twice before but when I’d miss a day I would start over and then lose steam. Now, I don’t stress about missing a day or two, I just pick up where I left off! So it’s taken me about 2 weeks to get through 6 days of the program, but I’m getting farther along than I ever have before!

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