2017 Our Year in Review

Did this year FLY by for everyone else? Holy smokes, I’m still getting used to writing 2017 when I date things so I am in denial that it’s already 2018!

We had such a wonderful year, with lots of highlights and definitely more good moments than bad. The big one was obviously Elliott joining our family, but I thought I’d share a highlight from every month over the past year!

January // Reagan and I went to Disneyland with my family! I was 10 weeks pregnant so we took an announcement picture in front of the Disney castle. Reagan had such a blast, there is nothing better than experiencing the magic of Disney through your kid’s eyes! Here is a post I wrote about doing Disneyland with a baby and here is one about going with a toddler!

February // We found out we were having another baby GIRL! I think we were both pretty surprised, with how different this pregnancy was I was pretty convinced we were having a boy. And I think Jared was just shocked at how outnumbered he was going to be! Here is the post with photos from our gender reveal session!

March // Easter and spring bluebonnets! Watching Reagan with her Easter basket was so fun this year, she was starting to grasp the concept of gifts so it’s always fun surprising her with those! Spring is my favorite time of year in Texas because of the bluebonnets! (See my post with some pics here!) These gorgeous flowers spring up everywhere and its fun tracking down the best patches and getting pictures.

April // Our {failed} babymoon to Corpus Christi! Jared and I got a weekend together alone for the first time since Reagan was born and we drove down to the Texas coast to enjoy a little beach vacay. Little did we know the weather was going to be terrible, and the winds were so strong that the beaches flooded and there was no sand anywhere. But it was fun just being together and we enjoyed our time together regardless! Read my post on must haves for the beach while pregnant here!

May // I honestly can’t think of anything particularly exciting that happened in May! So here is a pic from Memorial Day that never made it to Instagram!

June //  Lots of summer activities! Being 8 months pregnant in the south Texas summer was not super fun, but frequent trips to the pool and Target (air conditioning) kept us going strong! I was so eager to not be pregnant anymore, but I really made a point to soak up as much one on one time with Reagan as possible and I’m so glad I did. The memories from our summer together are ones I’ll always treasure!

July // Elliott joined our family! Some of my best memories from this year revolve around Reagan meeting her baby sister for the first time, she loved her instantly! See our Birth Story pics here and Fresh 48 here!

August // Reagan turns 2! I didn’t have as much time to think about or plan a party this year since we had a newborn, but I managed to throw together a Finding Dory party last minute and it turned out great! We had something like 12 kids and 8 adults in our tiny apartment but Reagan had a blast with her friends!

September // Trip to San Diego! On my last week of maternity leave I flew with the girls to San Diego to visit my family. Jared couldn’t get off of work, and we literally had a two hour notice before getting on a plane but everything went smoothly! Reagan is a great flyer, and it turns out Elliott is too. We had fun playing at the beach and the girls got spoiled by their grandparents. Read my post on flying with two kids alone here!

October // All the pumpkins! There’s a cute church right by our place that does a pumpkin patch and carnival every year, and we went to the pumpkin patch almost every day. Reagan developed this obsession with pumpkins and every time we went her excitement level was SO high! I also carved a pumpkin for Elliott to sit in and seeing babies in pumpkins will never ever get old.

November // Thanksgiving! We’ve done Thanksgiving on our own for the past two years, and while I miss having family around it’s also really nice to do things our own way! This year, we pressure cooked our turkey (came out AMAZING), went to the park, and had lots of family time. It was nice both being off of work and having the long weekend to just hang out together.

December // Christmas! We were on our own for Christmas this year again but I loved just being together as a little family. We made lots of trips to the zoo, decorated tons of Christmas cookies, watched all the Christmas movies, and visited Santa. Jared left town for a week and the girls and I survived on our own!

It’s crazy to think about how much our family has changed this last year, and it’s hard to remember life before it was the four of us. Elliott has grown so much already and loves nothing more than smiling and watching Reagan play. Reagan is the sweetest sister and gives Elliott hugs and kisses all day everyday. Jared worked so hard and applied to PA schools, and has been such an involved and supportive dad. I’ve loved growing my blog and all of the wonderful friendships and opportunities that have come because of it. Thank you so much for reading along, it means the world to me that you care about what I have to say and that you support our family! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2018, Happy New Year!

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