Bellefit Review

I have been talking a ton about this Bellefit girdle on my Instagram stories, and I’m excited to share my full review of it here! When Bellefit reached out about having me try a couple of their girdles, I was hesitant because I didn’t really think they would work/be worth the effort. I was so so wrong! You guys, this has been an absolute game changer and is in my top five must have products for new moms.

How it Works
When you go to order your Bellefit, you have the option to call and talk to a real person who can help you get the right size and the right girdle style. Getting the right size is SUPER important so you can start wearing it as soon as possible after delivery. When I sized myself on the website I thought I’d need a medium first, but I barely squeezed into a large for the first week so I’m glad I called and asked!

For best results, you want to get one girdle in a larger size and one in a smaller size to wear for a longer period of time. You start wearing the larger size about 3 days after delivery. The point of the girdle is to compress everything and help your muscles and organs get back into their original positions, so it definitely isn’t super comfortable at first. The first day, I had a really hard time getting the girdle on, and I only wore it for a few hours because it was really tight. It was easier to get on the second day, and by the third day I could put it on by myself (Jared had to help me up to this point!) and I could wear it for longer stretches. After about a week of wearing the large size I was ready to switch to the medium. It was tight and uncomfortable again but it was crazy how quickly I saw a difference in my body. I’ve been wearing the medium for about 5 weeks and I can now wear it comfortably all day!

From Bellefit’s website, here’s exactly how wearing a girdle benefits your postpartum experience! “Postpartum binders apply steady pressure around a woman’s abdomen and lumbar region meant to reduce swelling, expel fluids, improve posture, provide support for both the abdomen and back and allow women to have more mobility after giving birth.”

My Results
When you’ve just delivered and you’re rocking that post-baby bump, finding a way to have some self confidence is so important! I lived in sweats and tee shirts for a few days postpartum, but eventually had to leave the house and wearing the Bellefit made it easier to feel comfortable in my own clothes. It really flattens your stomach so you can wear more form fitting tops without looking like you’re pregnant again. It also helped me get out of maternity pants faster because it’s way easier to button jeans around.

I gained 35 pounds with this pregnancy, and dropped 20 in the first two weeks. Since then I’ve lost another 5 just from eating well and breastfeeding. I know the last 10 pounds will likely take a while, but I love being able to wear my old clothes and not feel self conscious! The Bellefit has helped me focus more on how I feel about my appearance and less on the number on the scale, so mentally I feel more confident as well.

I highly recommend this to any new or expecting mom! If possible, order while you’re still pregnant so you can start wearing it as soon as possible. I am so glad I had the opportunity to try this out, it has significantly contributed to the overall positivity of my recovery. This is definitely the number one item I would encourage expecting moms to look into–I feel much happier and pleased with my postpartum experience this time around as compared to my first.

I will be giving a Bellefit away on my Instagram later this month, so keep your eyes peeled for that because it’s a big ticket item! I am also so excited to be able to offer you all $20 off a Bellefit girdle! Use code CASEY20 at checkout!

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