Best Gifts for Postpartum Moms

Whether it’s their first baby or their fifth, all moms could use a little TLC after giving birth! Unfortunately, we’re usually thrown right into the world of sleep deprivation, constant nursing, and painful recovery leaving little to no time to relax and rest. If you or a friend are getting ready to deliver a baby, here are some items that will help make that fourth trimester a little more enjoyable for mama!

  1. Plush Sleep Leggings – y’all know that I am obsessed with these, the stretchy and comfy material is super soft and perfect for the postpartum tummy. The adjustable drawstring and pockets (!) are added bonuses!
  2. Bella B Bath Powder – this mama soak helps reduce swelling and discomfort after birth, and is made with all natural and organic ingredients! It smells amazing, and is perfect for when you just need a little down time.
  3. Bellefit Corset – this is on the pricier side, but makes a perfect baby shower gift for expecting moms! I had such a positive experience wearing one after having my second baby, it helped so much to be able to wear my old clothes and feel put together. You can read my full review and get a discount code here.
  4. Moccasin Slippers – these are especially great for babies born in the winter time! I didn’t leave the house for weeks after having my babies and the comfier/cozier I could be at home the better off I felt. I love wearing these ones, they also help with cold floors during middle of the night feedings!
  5. Shutterfly Book – a shop credit to Shutterfly for mom to make a pregnancy/birth book would make such a great gift! Making a memory book is one of the first things that I do after having a baby because I want to write everything down and save pictures before I forget or things get lost.
  6. Mani Pedi – if you live close by, offer to take the new mom out for a relaxing mani pedi! Nails are probably the last thing on her priority list, so it will feel amazing to get out of the house and have someone take care of her for an hour! I did this twice in my first 6 weeks postpartum and those small indulgences made me feel like a total queen.
  7. Snacks/Meals – we were lucky enough to have friends bring us meals for the first 3-4 days after having Elliott, and they brought enough that there were leftovers to last as lunch for the following day! So we didn’t have to cook for almost a week which was amazing. Breastfeeding really takes it out of you, so giving lots of healthy and lactation promoting snacks is a great way to help mom out those first few weeks! My favorites are Oat Mama Bars, Premama drinks, Lara Bars, and Boob Food Cookies!

Remember to always ask if you can do anything to help out, sometimes giving the gift of cleaning a house, washing some dishes, or watching older kids is the best gift of all!

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