Best Toys for Baby 0-6 Months!

I remember thinking that baby toys were such frivolous things when I was first pregnant and I was convinced that I would be enough entertainment for my child until she reached toddler age…Oh I was SO wrong! Newborns don’t need much stimulation, but from 3-6 months when baby becomes more aware of their surroundings and starts developing motor skills is a great time to introduce toys to help them learn and grow.

We’ve been on a major decluttering kick for the past year so we really only keep toys that are well loved and used in our home. I had SO many fancy light up toys that were annoying for us parents and that Reagan tired of very quickly, so we decided to stick to these basics that are more involved and can last longer through babyhood and toddlerhood.  Here are some of my favorite baby toys for little ones ages 0-6 months!

0-3 Months

Car Seat Activity Spiral – This is a fun little toy that hooks right onto an infant car seat or stroller bar! I love that the bright colors provide stimulation for newborns, and that as baby gets older they can learn to reach for the toys.

Zoo Activity Play Mat – We have this play mat and started using it from day one with Elliott! You can switch out the toys to keep baby’s interest, and the little giraffe makes music. It also comes with a tummy time mat, and is machine washable!

Crinkle Firefly Toy – We actually have a caterpillar but this one is very similar! Lots of different sensory activities in one little toy, and the crinkle noises are fun for babies to understand cause and reaction!

0-6 Months

Baby Einstein Music – Some friends bought us this when we had Reagan and it has been a fan favorite from day one! It cycles through six different tunes and the screen lights up to the beat. The colorful beads on the side are fun to play with and chew on too! When baby is old enough they can push the button on their own to make the music play, another good cause and effect toy.

Wrist Rattles and Foot Finders – We don’t have these but I thought they were such a cute idea! Little socks you put on baby’s hands and feet that make noises when they move. This is perfect for around 5 months when baby starts to discover their hands and feet and see themselves as a little human.

Soft Books – We are huge fans of basic, colorful, soft books! These can be used as entertainment for babies and to help growing toddlers learn their first words. This pack of 6 is great and very reasonably priced at $17!


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