First Trimester Updates

We didn’t announce that we were pregnant until after my first trimester, so here is an update on the things that went on those first 12 weeks!

A little background first – We got pregnant with Reagan REALLY fast, like almost too fast! I’d read all these articles saying it takes normal, healthy couples up to one year to get pregnant so I thought it would take us at least a couple months since I’d been on birth control for so long. It took about 2 weeks. This ended up being perfect timing in the long run but we were definitely shocked initially!

With this second pregnancy we started trying around the time that Reagan turned one thinking that it would be super quick again. I was still breastfeeding Reagan and it turns out that I didn’t get pregnant until I had weaned her. After we were done nursing I got pregnant right away!

I found out I was pregnant the Monday before Thanksgiving! Jared was already gone for work so I decided I wanted to do something special to tell him the big news. I was so proud of myself for keeping a secret from him even though I had no idea how I was going to tell him. Anyways, the next morning I decided I would take another test just to make sure since the one on Monday was a pretty faint line (I use dollar store tests). I did this at like 5am but I guess I woke Jared up because he came into the bathroom asking what I was doing, so I told him about the test and that it was positive! Definitely not anything glamorous but we were both super happy and it was exciting to share that together!

Weeks 4-5: Nothing really happened these first two weeks after I found out I was pregnant besides the fact that I was STARVING. I don’t know who discovered that pregnant women only need an extra 300 calories their first trimester but I’m pretty sure they’ve never been pregnant. If I wasn’t eating non-stop I’d get a little nauseous but nothing too crazy.

Week 6: The nausea really started kicking in around this time as did the food aversions. The big ones for me were ham and bacon, I could not stand the smell! Also fish, raw chicken, most vegetables, and anything super sweet. This week we also had a pretty bad miscarriage scare that I’ll talk about in it’s own post a little bit later.

Weeks 7-9: Full blown nausea and vomiting every. single. day. Luckily, I could tell when I was going to throw up so I’d make sure to not eat anything right when I woke up so it was less gross/painful. Also I was only throwing up once a day which I know is way better than some women, so I was trying to stay positive. These weeks were pretty awful though. It’s funny how you forget about the difficult parts of pregnancy! Some days I just sat on the couch with the T.V. on for Reagan because I was too sick to move or stand up straight. I was 9 weeks for Christmas which is when we told our parents and close friends, and it was fun sharing the good news with all of them!

Week 10: My first doctors appointment! This was my first time meeting my OB and I absolutely adore her. With Reagan, i went to a practice that rotated through 8 doctors and 6 midwives-this was totally fine but I’m looking forward to having the same doc from start to finish this time around! She did an ultrasound and it was so fun seeing that little human inside of me! Granted, the baby looked like a peanut but it was fun to be able to see something and to hear that heartbeat. Up until this point I’d been feeling like this one is a boy, but the heartbeat was 164 bpm and according to an old wives tale, anything over 140 is a girl! It was right with Reagan, so now I’m doubting myself haha.

Week 11: The nausea returns. Man I am getting so sick of this! In addition to constantly feeling queasy I also started getting nosebleeds and fatigue. This week we came back from our trip to Disneyland with Strep so that added to the overall misery. Ever been pregnant, nauseous, exhausted, and so sick while taking care of a super sick toddler? NOT FUN PEOPLE.

Week 12: More nausea and vomiting, but we recovered from our other sicknesses so that was a huge blessing! We announced this week that we were pregnant and it was so fun to share our good news with the world! I had told some close friends and our families but it’s nice to have everything out there, and I’m excited to document more of my pregnancy with you all!

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