What to Pack in a Newborn Diaper Bag

As I was getting this post ready and thinking back to what I actually used to pack when Reagan was a newborn, it took a lot of effort trying to remember everything I used to bring along with us! It was only two years ago, but I kept feeling like I was missing something because half the bag wasn’t snacks which is what ours looks like now with Reagan as a toddler.

I gathered up my favorite and most used baby items for this post, and I hope it is helpful to either a first time mom or someone like me who has gone a couple of years since last having a newborn!

  1. Burp cloths – I always have at least one of these on hand with a newborn because of all the spit up that newborns seem to produce from no where! Bonus points if you get cute ones like these from @howstitchingcute, when I saw these patterns and the low prices I couldn’t resist picking up a couple for baby girl.
  2. Diaper and wipes – Obviously, but I really love these wipes from Everyone for newborns because they’re all organic and extra soft on newborn skin.
  3. Diaper cream – I bought a tub of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste when I was pregnant with Reagan and still have over half of it left. I like carrying these smaller tubes around with me in my diaper bag and love how they soothe diaper rashes.
  4. Swaddle blanket – Another must have, these lightweight swaddles are great for layering, giving shade on sunny days, or makeshift changing pads if you forgot one.
  5. Binkie and Bottle – I struggled with my milk supply for a long time after I had Reagan, so I supplemented with formula until my supply increased. I love these Philips Avent bottles because they are huge and mimic breastfeeding well enough to not confuse an exclusively breastfed baby. I received a pack of these binkies for my baby shower and managed to not lose any of them, so we will definitely be reusing them for this baby girl.
  6. Car seat cover/Nursing cover – I have heard only good things about the covers from Covered Goods! They have the cutest patterns and a unique design that makes for easy, modest, nursing and also a shade cover for infant car seats. I love the stretchy material that can be manipulated but will also stay put so you aren’t worried about the wind blowing it everywhere! I cannot wait to finally put this one to use and let you know what I think of it!
  7. An extra outfit – Newborns tend to spit up or poop on whatever they’re wearing as soon as you get to the store or park or wherever else is away from home. Always have at least one extra outfit on hand in case that happens so you don’t have to run home to change baby’s clothes!
  8. An awesome diaper bag – The most crucial part of packing the bag is having a bag that will suit all of your needs! I love this one from Vauva, it is compact and small enough that you don’t feel like you’re lugging around a suitcase, but there is PLENTY of space for everything you need. I packed everything up in this post and you can see just how much space is left over in the bag. I’m working on a more detailed blog post about this bag, but check them out if you’re looking to make a switch!

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