Our Memorial Day!

Can you believe that this is the first day that Jared and I have had off of work since New Years Day?! (Reason 1,000 why I started a blog) Longest five months EVER.

Jared has been sick since last week so I thought this weekend was going to be a bust, but it  actually turned out pretty well! It was miserably hot and humid on Saturday and Sunday, but Reagan and I made sure to get out to the park for our daily walk and playground time. We spent some time walking around Target looking at all the pretty things in the air conditioning and walked out with just a couple of goodies 🙂

My favorite part of this weekend was dressing up in our America gear and eating chocolate donuts and Squeaky Pops in the blazing heat. Reagan actually cooperated for this photoshoot because she was so focused on eating her treats that she just did whatever we asked her too. So moms of toddlers, there’s your picture taking solution!

I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend with family! We certainly took advantage of our time off and are already looking forward to the 4th of July!


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