Reagan’s New Room!

If you’ve been watching my Instagram Stories for a while, you may remember Reagan’s dark brown toddler bed and the bright blue dresser that my parents bought and painted for me before I was born. Her furniture was a hodge podge of hand me downs and Craigslist finds and I was in no rush to DIY everything with a little baby on the way (and then in our home)!

Jared left town for a week in December, and I decided that was when I was going to repaint and update all of Reagan’s furniture (I get overly productive when he leaves) and that way I’d have to finish everything in a week and stop procrastinating. Even though I could only work during nap times, I got everything done and I love how it looks now! I was playing with the idea of painting them different colors but I’m glad I went with the basic white that matches everything. I spray painted the dresser drawer pulls gold to match her gold curtains and wall art, and I think everything tied together well!

The other new addition to her room is this rug from Lorena Canals. I love the black and white design, but my favorite part is that it’s machine washable! Elliott has already spit up on it more times than I can count, so I love that I can just throw the whole thing in the wash instead of trying to spot clean it. Seriously genius idea!

Now that everything is the way I want it, I’m getting the itch to move Elliott’s crib and get the girls sleeping in the same room. So I’m trying to play around and figure out where I can fit a crib, and also wondering if I’m crazy for moving them in together before Elliott is sleeping all the way through the night.

If your littles share a room, when did you move them in together? Did you wait until they were both sleeping through the night? Would you have done things differently in retrospect?

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