Summer Beauty Must Haves for a Busy Mom

It officially feels like summer in south Texas! I love that the sun is now up when I get up in the morning and still up when I leave work at night. It’s so fun and I just feel so energized when the days are longer and there are so many fun things to be done! Luckily, it hasn’t gotten too hot here yet, so we are really enjoying every second of outdoors time that we can get.

When it starts getting unbearably hot here in a few weeks, I’ll be changing up my already minimal beauty routine to account for lots of time spent in the sun and getting wet in the pool. Here are my must haves for this summer, brought to you by a minimalist beauty user to keep things light and easy all summer long!

  1. Cute fabric hair ties – pretty sure I’m the last person to try these but they are amazing on my hair! I love that they don’t leave annoying creases so I can throw my hair up when I’m out getting something done and then put it back down when I get back home. I hate doing my hair in the summer (too much extra heat) so these have been great for keeping my hair looking good for as long as possible.
  2. Maskcara Palette – if you didn’t read my review on Maskcara make-up check it out here. I only wear this on days when I need to look really put together, but I love that the foundation has SPF in it so my fair skinned face is protected from the sun. This make up also doesn’t run or smear in the heat, which is super important when living in San Antonio!
  3. BB Cream – on days when I just want the lightest coverage, I use BB cream. It also has SPF in it and will stay put all day without needing touch ups.
  4. Moroccan Magic Lip Balm – these chapsticks are infused with essential oil blends, so they smell and feel amazing on! I suffer from really bad chapped lips year round, and these have been amazing at keeping my lips smooth and hydrated all day. And really, they smell wonderful.
  5. Rodan and Fields – I’ve never been a product junkie, but these few things from R+F have made a big difference in how my skin and lashes feel. I use the Tripple Defense Treatment in the morning before putting on my foundation (also SPF 30!), and the rejuvenating eye cream and lash boost at night. Everything is very light and I really like only having one product to put on in the morning and two quick ones to use at night. They each take about 15 seconds to apply and leave my skin feeling super moisturized even when it’s dry outside. I’m working on some before and after photos for the lash boost, and I’m excited to show you guys those.
  6. Waterproof mascara – I’m a drug store make up enthusiast and I haven’t found a better mascara than the Maybelline Great Lash brand. It makes my super fine and thin lashes look full and long and the waterproof works really well, perfect for the splash pad and pool!

That’s it! Pretty basic right? I’m curious to know if you use any of these, and what your go-to products for summer are!

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