To the Mom Who’s Just Done

Hey mama, I’m right there with ya!

The last two weeks have been really hard in our household, and I’ve found myself exhausted in every sense of the word at the end of each day. It’s not even that my kids are being that crazy or that we’re going through some awful trial, it’s the everyday little things piling up that are getting to me.

The fact that the laundry is never done for more than one day.  That I pick up the same sticker book 5 times a day. That I have a toddler who only ever has to go pee when I’m nursing the baby. That after a long day with kids I see my husband for less than five minutes so he can take over and I can go to work. That every single minute of my day is planned out and I can’t just veg during nap time.

I know that this is what I signed up for when I wanted to be a working mom who also blogs and stays home with kids, and I love all of the things I do! They all bring me joy everyday, and I don’t want to give any of them up. But that certainly doesn’t make it all easier. How are we supposed to juggle all of the different roles we find ourselves in?

People say it’s all about balance…but what does that even mean? How can we consistently balance everything we’re doing so that nothing is neglected? If I’m being a “good mom,” that means I’m focusing 100% on my kids and thus being a neglectful blogger and employee. If I’m being a productive blogger, that means my kids are likely sitting in front of the T.V. or I’m pushing aside my work responsibilities. If I’m hustling at work, then I’m missing “ideal posting” times for my blog and the opportunity to put my kids to sleep every night.

Personally, I think that finding the balance in everyday is just bull crap. Maybe some days it can be done, but anyone who tells you they do it perfectly everyday is lying haha. So what do we do to keep going? To push through that feeling of being totally burnt out?

I really don’t know. But here’s the thing.

I leave my dishes in the sink for days because I just can’t bring myself to do them.

I bribe my toddler to eat lunch by letting her watch Madagascar on repeat.

If my baby is really tired but won’t sleep, I sometimes let her cry it out.

I eat way too much chocolate, even though I’m allergic to it.

I shower maybe every three days.

I take extra time to pump at work, because I need the quiet time.


I take the kids out of the house every day to do something fun.

I have a crazy supportive husband who forces me to nap and watches the kids so I can get my nails done.

I have amazing friends who bring me caffeine and talk me through the hard days.

My parents fly into town to give me a break when I need it most.

I eat power foods that give me energy.

I go to bed every night at 10pm regardless of what still needs to be done.

I talk about how I’m feeling, and ask for extra help.

So what’s the point of all this? I’ve found that sharing the difficult times with y’all makes them much easier to get through, and makes the happy and easy times much more enjoyable. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one feeling this way, and it helps to talk it over with someone going through the same thing. I am SO tired, but I’m not ready to give up on anything because there is so much happy in my life right now.

If anyone else is having one of those weeks (or months, or just days) let’s chat about it! Let’s get it all out there and give advice. Let’s get past this hard time and have some good days and talk about those too. Seriously, DM me on Instagram or comment here, I know I could use the support and I bet you could too.

6 thoughts on “To the Mom Who’s Just Done

  1. Hi my name is Jocelyn and I’m a first time mom.. single working parent . Thank the lord i was able to read this because i seriously was having a emotional breakdown on how sometimes I have to work long hours at work sometimes even overtime and by the time i see my baby she’s already asleep and back at it again the next day.
    Thankfully I am fortunate to have my mom helping me babysit her and I’m so grateful but sometimes I feel so left out that i feel that I miss out on a lot of things with my daughter for example hearing that she’s learning how to crawl or taking her first food taste .. I feel so horrible because I feel at times I’m not fit or I’m not that perfect working parent that has time to get everything done on a set schedule.
    Anyways thank you for this post because I know theres mother’s out there who have the same or similar or even harder struggles as most of us and we can all just lay out everything here and share our stories and support one another.

    1. I’m so glad this spoke to you! I can’t imagine how difficult it is for you to leave your baby everyday, but you are doing such a good thing for her by providing for your family and entrusting her in the care of someone safe who loves her dearly! We all just do the best we can right?

  2. This is wonderful. It’s tough. It’s always tough. Some days are easy, some days seem like they will never end. But every single day, we get it done.

  3. Yaaaaaaasssssss! This! Balance is overrated….I work at being intentional with what I am doing so each of the things gets attention….but it’s not graceful most days 😉

    Thanks for sharing this mama!! I hope both girls take a killer nap tomorrow and that you can get a lil Netflix and chill in!


    1. I loved what you were saying about being intentional today! Otherwise everything is just a giant mess. Fingers crossed for some down time soon!

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