What I’m Packing in My Hospital Bag – Round 2

I definitely over packed when I went to the hospital to have Reagan, but for the life of me I cannot remember what items I really appreciated or used a lot during my stay! I was only in the hospital for 30 hours, so I think that had something to do with it. I feel a little lost packing this time around, but here is what I’m bringing for myself when I go into labor!

Labor and Delivery gown from Kindred Bravely
-2 Nursing sleep bras from Kindred Bravely
-Sweatpants to wear home
-T-shirt to wear home
-Dress from Mayarya for Fresh 48 Pictures
Bellefit corset
-Dark underwear

I decided to get my own labor and delivery gown this time around. Since we’re having the birth photographed, I really wanted to wear something cute instead of the raggedy old hospital gowns they usually give you. I know that it will get soiled, but I decided it was worth it anyways.

One thing I remember from the first time around was that I over packed clothing for myself. And the disposable underwear they give you to wear home are so big and ugly that I left in a pair of Jared’s basketball shorts and one of his t-shirts because the ones I packed were too small. This time, I packed myself some sweats and a maternity shirt that is flowy and very forgiving!

I also packed this Bellefit corset to wear home from the hospital. I bought a similar, cheap, Spanx version of a belly binder for after my first birth but it was so small and constricting that I never actually wore it. This corset is specially designed and fitted to accommodate my postpartum body and give it the support it needs without being uncomfortable.

-My prenatal vitamins
-Birth and baby oil
-Travel size shampoo, conditioner, and body wash
Face washcloth from Norwex
-Toothbrush and toothpaste
-Mini deodorant

One thing I really appreciated the first time around was having my own prenatal vitamins and Tylenol to take. I’m sensitive to vitamins so I liked having my own, and hospitals tend to charge you an inordinate amount of money for medication so we saved a few dollars by having my own Tylenol.

I also remember being too tired to get out of bed to wash my face, so I’m bringing a washcloth from Norwex which doesn’t require me to leave bed at all! I didn’t wear makeup during my hospital stay with Reagan, but we’re getting pictures done this time so I’m bringing some basics that are quick and easy to put on.

-Phone and charger
-Camera and charger
Nursie Pillow
-Flip flops

I am so excited to try out my Nursie pillow! It is 1/3 the size of a boppy and fits my body so much better to make breastfeeding in bed much easier. Not to mention it’s super cute and only $30.

I remember right after having Reagan the cafeteria brought me lunch. It was a really heavy meal, lasagna and bread and pudding. I was so nauseous from all the pushing and adrenaline on no food that the last thing I wanted was a really heavy meal. Luckily, I had packed peanut butter crackers and Gatorade which were perfect for giving me energy without making me sick.

The hospital I’m delivering at has a cafeteria that isn’t open very much during the day, so vending machines are the only other option. I packed some cash so we can stock up on snacks for those middle of the night feedings when we’re starving and there’s no other option.

For Jared:
-Lounge/Sleep shorts
-2 t-shirts
-1 pair shorts
-Phone charger

Jared is planning on staying the night with me in the hospital again, but he will probably go home to shower and change in the mornings so I only packed a few things for him. One thing I’m bringing this time around is a pillow for him since the sleeper chairs in the recovery rooms look super small and uncomfortable as it is, if he has a nice pillow he might be able to get some more rest!

That’s everything! I’m doing a separate post on what I’m packing for baby girl, so keep an eye out for that! Did you pack differently with subsequent pregnancies? What are some items you are so glad you had?

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