Baby #2 Is A…!!!


We are beyond excited to be adding another little girl to our family! I am so excited to be giving Reagan a sister, especially since they will be so close in age! I always wanted a sister growing up and never got one, so I’m thrilled that Reagan will be able to have that.

This confetti reveal was such a fun way to learn the gender of our baby! We didn’t know the gender beforehand, I had my friend tell us which confetti cannon to shoot off and she removed the label so we wouldn’t know what color it was. It was fun being surprised and catching our reactions on camera! I got the cannon from this Etsy shop.

We had the name Reagan picked out pretty much from the time I knew I was pregnant, but this time we are totally stuck on girls names! There are a couple that we like but we haven’t found one that feels right yet and I’m pretty sure we’re going to be the couple in the hospital with a nameless baby. Feel free to give me lots of suggestions because we are so stuck!

Stacey from Clover Bud Photography in Austin, TX took these photos for us and I am absolutely in love. She was a DREAM to work with and Jared (who literally hates taking pictures) said how much he enjoyed her style and professionalism. We will have lots more family photos to show you in about 2 weeks and I can’t wait to share them!

My dress is from Pink Blush Maternity and I’ll be doing a giveaway with them soon, so stay tuned! Thanks for reading everyone!

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