Life Lately + Comfiest Jogger Pants

I don’t know when this little girl decided she was going to grow up but I have not had my fill of newborn goodness yet! It’s funny to compare the two girls, Reagan was tiny for so long that we were so ready to move on from the newborn stage. Elliott here is a full on tank (like 90th percentile for everything) and it feels like things are just moving so quickly. But that is just part of the joy of motherhood!

I feel like we’re at a place now where we’re very comfortable and capable at this whole two kiddo thing. Don’t get me wrong, my house is a perpetual mess, we eat the same thing for dinner for a week straight (mass produced meals yo), and Reagan has officially seen every episode of Veggie Tales on Netflix but I’m no longer panicked to leave the house or be alone all day.

Reagan is still the best big sister ever. When she wakes up in the morning or from her nap she immediately asks for baby. When she hears her crying, she gets really concerned and informs me that “baby cry!” She always asks to hold her, and wants her to lay down on the floor so she can crawl up and lay down next to her. She loves making her smile, and always tries to hold her hand. She thinks it’s hilarious when Elliott’s random, uncoordinated movements result in touching her leg or grabbing her shirt. She frequently tries to share her snacks and her milk. And my absolute favorite is how she runs through the house singing “baby Elli, mama, daddy, Ray Ray!” Cue heart melting.

Elliott is the sweetest newborn. She’s so easy going and doesn’t get overwhelmed at museums or parties or other places where there’s lots of noise. She takes three naps a day and goes 4-5 hour stretches at night with the occasional 8 hour stretch. She loves being propped up on our knees and singing, talking, and smiling whenever you make eye contact. After having Reagan (a super colicky newborn) this has been an absolute dream for us.

I’ve gotten into a routine with eating healthy and doing some light exercise (I’m doing a postpartum program from McCall Williams, use code caseyanderson15 for a program discount!) and I feel pretty much back to normal. I try to get the girls out of the house every day or at least every other day, but for when we’re lounging at home you will always find me wearing these new joggers from Ethona. They are made out of the softest, comfiest material and I literally wear them everyday. I love that they move really well (perfect for chasing crazy toddlers) and can be worn for working out or just hanging out. They are the first thing I put on when I come home from work, and are super lightweight which is perfect for this Texas heat (it’s October, cool down already!) Shop them and Ethona’s entire line here!

Jared is actually settling in pretty well too! I feel like he’s more involved than most dads at this stage because he watches both girls every night when I go to work. He’s in charge of dinner time, bath time, and bed time which is a lot to handle with two kiddos, but he does it all really well and I’ve been super impressed! I definitely lucked out in the husband department!

Thanks for being a part of our journey, it’s been so fun growing and sharing our lives with you! I just hit 10k followers on Instagram and have some really amazing giveaways going on to celebrate, so go check them out!

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