Microblading – The Tell All!

Microblading has really blown up in the last year or so, and I have been interested in having it done pretty much since I heard about it. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, microblading is “is a form of permanent makeup that provides a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments.” Thank you Wikipedia.
It’s basically semi-permanent make up applied to your eyebrows in a specific stroke pattern to look like real eyebrows. If you’ve seen before and after pics, you know how realistic and impressive this technique is!

As someone who has very light blonde hair (or used to anyway), I’ve never had impressive eyebrows, and I’ve never really known what to do with filling them in. I decided I wanted to take the plunge and try microblading to see the change it would have on my appearance and how I do my make up everyday.

And you guys. I am now hooked! I love my new brows, I love the girl who did them, and I am super excited to share all the deets with you so y’all can go check it out for yourselves! I’m going to form this post as a Q&A, because I received so many questions about getting it done that I think this will be the most informative.

  1. Where do you get microblading done?
    I found Tarin on Instagram and her reviews were incredible. She has a set up in a really nice salon in a good part of town, her room is the cutest and she is really professional and knowledgeable. If you are in San Antonio, I highly recommend going to her. If not, do your research and make sure the person you are going to has up to date licenses from accredited sources, follows all health and safety guidelines, and has previous experience. Tarin was telling me how some states require little to no education to become certified, so make sure you are seeing someone who has taken the effort to really learn and master the skill.
  2. Does it hurt?
    Probably the most asked question–does it hurt?! Microblading is taking a needle to your face, so it’s not surprising that people think this could be a painful experience. Honestly, while it was not completely painless, I don’t think this was bad at all. It definitely hurt less than waxing, so that made it totally worth it to me. At the beginning of my appointment, Tarin applied a numbing cream to my eyebrows and let it sit for a while before starting anything. The first pass across my brows was the worst, but she applied more cream after that and then it wasn’t bad at all. Since I just had a baby, I feel like I’m riding the high pain tolerance train but I don’t think most people would consider this painful.
  3. How long does it last?
    If you take care of your brows and go in for touch ups every year or so, these can last for years! You can still wash your face, go swimming, wear make-up, etc without having to worry about them just washing off. It’s recommended you touch them up every 7-12 months, but the more often you go the less work will have to be done each time!
  4. Do you still have to pluck?
    Unfortunately, yes. Microblading gives the impression of filled in hairs, but it doesn’t stop the ones you have from growing wherever they want. This is not an issue for me, since my lashes are so light and fine I’ll probably only have to pluck them once a month.
  5. How do you know what to get?
    Your artist can help you get the brows you want by drawing and shaping ones before you actually start. I wanted a basic, everyday brow that wouldn’t change my appearance too drastically, but now that I’ve had them for a week I’m thinking I could go bolder eventually! It’s better to start small, you can always add more down the line but you can’t take away once it’s there.
  6. How much does it cost?
    Prices vary, but beware of the person who is offering this service for $100, you will probably get your money’s worth and that’s not a good thing! Tarin normally charges $350 which seems about average, but for the month of October it’s only $300 so take advantage of her special while you can!
  7. Was it worth it?
    I’m not joking when I say that I’ve never had eyebrows. I really like that they add so much to my appearance and that I’ll never have to try to fill them in. For me, this was worth it, and I will definitely be touching them up to make them last as long as possible.

I go in for my 6 week follow up appointment in November, so I’ll keep y’all posted on what goes on then! This is a two part process, and the middle part is not super glamorous as the brows heal and recover so I’m looking forward to getting things finalized in a few weeks!

To book with Tarin in San Antonio, visit her Instagram here.

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