6 Must Haves for Going to the Beach While Pregnant

I’ve gone on three different beach trips between being pregnant with Reagan and this baby and this past one I feel like I finally brought everything I needed! There are a few things you don’t think to pack when you’re pregnant that makes hanging out at the beach all day so much more comfortable, so I’ve compiled a list of my must haves for going to the beach while pregnant!

(I went deep into the archives for these!)

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  1. A beach/camping chair: This is a seriously MUST! Especially if you’re going later in your pregnancy when you have a bump that keeps you from being able to lay down comfortably. I was so uncomfortable the first time trying to relax on the beach with just a towel because I couldn’t lay down on my back or stomach, and propping myself (plus 20 pounds) up got exhausting super fast. If you’re flying somewhere, it might be hard to bring a chair but lots of resorts offer them to rent for the day and it is so worth it!
  2. An umbrella/tent: Again related to the being comfortable thing, pregnant women tend to run hotter than normal so having a shaded place to hang out is super nice. When we drive to the beach we pack an umbrella, but when we fly we bring a beach tent that folds up super small and fits in our suitcase easily! This has come in handy several times when we go to the beach with Reagan and I want a place to be able to put her that’s out of the sun.
  3. A huge water bottle: Bring your own and make it an insulated jug if possible! Staying hydrated is so important while you’re pregnant and you don’t want to have to worry about trying to find water after you’re at the beach, or paying $3 for a tiny bottle. Bring your own, fill it up at your hotel, and you’re good to go for the rest of the day!
  4. Sun protection: Bring lots of high SPF sunscreen and use it! Now is not the time to get sunburned! When I went to Hawaii at 25 weeks pregnant I forgot to sunscreen my feet and they got fried. My feet had never been burnt before and let me tell you it is not fun! They got super swollen and made it that much less comfortable to walk around and enjoy our trip. I always bring a huge floppy hat too just to give some extra protection and shade.
  5. Snacks: When we travel, we try to bring most of our food with us so we only have to pay to eat out for one meal per day. Our favorite non-perishables are bagels, peanut butter crackers, tuna, trail mix, and applesauce. We usually make a run to the grocery store to pick up a veggie tray, cream cheese, and chips and salsa that we can keep refrigerated at the hotel and bring with us when we leave for the beach.
  6. Loose fitting clothing: It’s so important to stay cool and comfortable while you’re pregnant, and wearing loose fitting clothing can definitely help keep you from over heating. It may not be the most flattering thing over a huge bump, but it really is the best way to go. And if you happen to get sunburned, you really want to keep that area cool and free from irritating clothing!

Those are my tips! Is there anything you would add to this list?

One thought on “6 Must Haves for Going to the Beach While Pregnant

  1. Great tips! I totally forgot to bring a beach chair the last time I was at the beach, and I was sooo uncomfortable. We ended up leaving early. Now I know for next time. 🙂

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