10 Things About Us

Jared and I got engaged four years ago this week! Honestly it seems like we’ve been together so much longer than that because we’ve been in the marriage and family life rhythm for a while now, but these years have also just flown by! As we get closer to our anniversary (next month!) it has been fun to reflect, so here are ten things you may not know about us!

  1. We met our freshman year of college at the school gym through a mutual friend.
  1. Jared served a two-year mission for our church in Brazil shortly after we started dating. We wrote letters and emails the entire time he was gone.
  1. We got engaged the day after the first snowfall of the season in 2012. We were “helping a friend take pictures for her photography class” but really we got our whole engagement on film! Such fun photos to have!
  1. We were both still in school when we got married, so we had to plan the wedding around semester breaks.
  1. Jared was born in California, but grew up in Virginia. I was born in Virginia and grew up in California. We met in Utah and now live in Texas!
  1. After our reception, the drive to our hotel took a long time so by the time we got there all the restaurants nearby were closed. So we ate KFC on our wedding night!
  1. Jared is perfectly happy spending his free time relaxing at home doing nothing. I am the one with the serious “get out of the house and travel” itch. We’ve developed a system that allows us to do both 🙂
  1. The moment Reagan was born was the first and only time I’ve seen Jared start to tear up. The look in his eyes is something I will NEVER forget.
  1. We both studied science in college (I was Medical Laboratory Science and Jared was Exercise Science) and we love talking about geeky things we’ve learned or really cool (gross) diagnoses we see at work.
  1. We are proud gun owners and most of our date nights include going to the shooting range. This is one of a few hobbies we are both very passionate about and it’s fun having that together!

Thanks for stopping by and getting to know us better! I’d love to hear more about you! Leave me a comment below 🙂

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