Why You Need this Backpack Diaper Bag

I knew two things that I wanted in a diaper bag from very early on in my first pregnancy:

  1. I wanted something that looked chic, aka something my husband wouldn’t be embarrassed to carry and no crazy prints.
  2. I wanted a backpack!

My first diaper bag was great! It was a cute little discontinued backpack from Carter’s that I snagged for $20 on Amazon. I still use it occasionally, but it is very saggy (for lack of a better word) so trying to find a binkie or certain snack inside can be a hassle.

My second bag was also great for different reasons! It’s a very high end bag with lots of features you wouldn’t normally expect in a diaper bag. But it is huge and deep so I still couldn’t access things very readily.

This is my third diaper bag backpack and so far I am VERY impressed! Let me tell you some more about Vauva Diaper Bags.

-Their bags are incredibly sturdy, one has been hanging outside from a tree with 75 lbs of weight inside for four months, enduring snow, rain, and heat and it is still holding it’s shape. That is pretty amazing!
-These bags are very stylish, with a simple black and gold or beige and gold design you would never guess that they were a diaper bag. I frequently use mine in lieu of a purse because it’s easier to carry and looks just as good.
-They are affordable! Most backpack diaper bags that look and perform this well cost over $200. This one sells for $129 AND if you use the discount code CASEY, 25% will be taken off your order making this one of the most affordable diaper bags on the market, period.

Some things that I really love about this bag (besides what is mentioned above) are the insulated pockets, the compact yet spacious interior, and how comfortable the straps are.

A big thing for me when choosing a diaper bag is how comfortable it is to carry, especially if I’m going to be wearing it all day. The first time I took this bag out was to the grocery store, and I literally forgot that I was wearing it because it was so lightweight despite being fully loaded. That will be a huge lifesaver, especially when baby #2 gets here and my hands are even more full!

I also love that there is an insulated pocket on the inside, it gets so hot here during the summer that Reagan’s water usually heats up to gross temperatures if we are outside too long. But this pocket helps keep her drink cool and makes me feel better knowing she is hydrated in this crazy heat.

The other really unique thing about this bag is how compact it is, while still easily fitting everything I need. I can load all of our snacks, drinks, diapers, creams, wallet, phone, keys, hand sanitizer, burp cloths, etc and still have space. Plus, everything has a place so it’s easy to get to and I’m not digging around in a bottomless pit for anything.

Overall, I’ve been very happy with this bag and would highly recommend it as a backpack diaper bag alternative to the big name brands that are significantly more expensive. In my opinion this is the best bang for your buck, but also a stylish and functional bag that you will get tons of questions about wherever you go. Check out Vauva’s website to order, and take a look at their Instagram for some serious diaper bag style inspo!


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