The Cozy Girl’s Guide to this Winter

I’m all about getting dressed up and going on nice dates, but lets be honest my life right now is all about how comfortable I can be while chasing a toddler and managing a baby who spits up constantly. My wardrobe is featuring more and more leggings, joggers, and sweaters and fewer heels, blouses (do people even use this word anymore?) and skirts. I’ve found that I’m way happier and more comfortable living in these comfy cozy basics and I think my favorite pieces will stay the same for a long time! Here are my top picks for cozy items to grab this winter!

  1. These plush sleep leggings from Aerie. You probably have them already, but if you don’t they are $12 and SO soft! I only take mine off when I absolutely have to, I have two colors so I always have a clean pair!
  2. These fuzzy moccasin slippers from Target! Perfect for keeping cold toes warm and less than $20 which is one of the best deals I could find.
  3. These plush tees from Old Navy. I have both colors and they frequently go on sale for $12 making them a great basic to invest in. I love the stretchy neckline for nursing friendliness, and the long length so I can wear them with leggings.
  4. These fuzzy mules from Target. I remember thinking these were the ugliest shoe I’d ever seen when I first spotted them but I actually love them! I wear them almost every day (unless it’s raining) and they are holding up really well. The Target brand is the cheapest pair that I could find, if you’re looking for a higher quality version Steve Madden has one as well.
  5. This sweater from Aerie. I tried this on in store and it is SO freakin soft. Like I couldn’t stop touching it and didn’t want to take it off haha. The ruffle sleeve is really cute, and the material is lightweight making it perfect for layering!
  6. These leggings from Simple Addiction – I’ve talked about these on my Instagram Stories a lot because they are my favorite basic legging. They are always on sale (sometimes for less than $5!) and they are softer than any other legging I’ve tried (I’m talking about you LulaRoe). They hold up well and have tons of colors and patterns to choose from.
  7. These tees from Banky Girl Creations. Another shop I talk a lot about, these are my favorite graphic tees and my favorite small shop! The designs are so funny and #momlife, and the material she uses is super soft and comfy. I have a pretty good collection from her already, and I fully intend to add more as they come out!

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